Our team offers third-party consultancy services within the building product industry and for legal counsel to building product manufacturers. Our work with attorneys includes expert evaluation, assessment and analysis for complaints, potential claims and ongoing litigation.

Our mission is to provide each client with a system that is expertly tailored to its needs and field of endeavor. We combine efficient client needs analysis and outstanding customer service, with the goal of achieving equitable resolutions.

As a third-party independent consultant, we have developed the in-house capability to consistently and efficiently administer, inspect, analyze, track and settle building product issues. Our objective is to resolve matters in a fair and equitable manner. We aim to achieve a just outcome for all parties, through candid and professional analysis of building product performance issues. We provide both negotiation and mediation services.

Our team provides both negotiation and mediation services. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are combined with candid and effective negotiation strategies to achieve results. 

As third party consultants, we have excellent relationships with a strong network of proven industry experts and are aligned with laboratory testing facilities experienced in building product analysis. In addition, our technical writing skills allow in-house report and document preparation to facilitate negotiation of settlements.