Infrared Thermal Imaging & Analysis

Infrared building surveys are a non-destructive method for discovering and diagnosing energy inefficiencies and deficiencies within any building. The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera captures moisture and temperature differentials, revealing the source of water or condensation intrusion and the origin of mold issues in any structure. 

As Certified Thermographer’s – ITC (Certified level 1 Thermographer), we are certified under the American Standards for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT). We specialize in professional thermographic building imaging throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Anyone with an interest in a structure – ANY STRUCTURE OF ANY AGE- can benefit from our services. Thousands of dollars can be saved by identifying problems BEFORE they can be seen by the naked eye and BEFORE costly expenses and losses occur.

Our high definition infrared cameras, in the hands of our trained Thermographic Consultants, are powerful tools that can benefit YOU.


We provide a written report that includes IR images and digital photos of each “anomaly” identified during our consultation. By request, we can mark each suspect anomaly on a roof so it can be easily assessed and/or repaired.

Our Infrared Building Surveys will uncover building envelope issues early, before the issue/anomaly is even identifiable in the visible spectrum. Our thermographic expertise will minimize repair costs and reduce exposure to potentially dangerous or hazardous situations.