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Norcon Consulting Group Ltd., is based in beautiful White Rock, British Columbia. We are a multi-faceted firm with a passion for sharing expertise in various aspects of the building product and construction industry. Our mission is to provide insight into complex construction related issues with an emphasis on trust, integrity and knowledge. We work with building product manufacturers, legal counsel, builders, homeowners and property stakeholders and can assist with a broad variety of needs. Some of our services include: 

  •  Building material claims assessment, management and resolution. 

  •  Assistance with legal analysis of complaints and potential claims.

  •  Manufacturer's warranty and installation guide development and consulting. 

  •  Design + Build consultations with professional project management.




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Third-Party Consultancy

Our team offers third-party consultancy services within the building product industry and for legal counsel to building product manufacturers. Our work with attorneys includes expert evaluation, assessment and analysis for complaints, potential claims and ongoing litigation.

Our mission is to provide each client with a system that is expertly tailored to its needs and field of endeavor. We combine efficient client needs analysis and outstanding customer service, with the goal of achieving equitable resolutions.

As a third-party independent consultant and counsel's agent, we have developed the in-house capability to consistently and efficiently administer, inspect, analyze, track and settle building product issues. Our objective is to resolve matters in a fair and equitable manner. We aim to achieve a just outcome for all parties, through candid and professional analysis of building product performance issues. We provide both negotiation and mediation services.




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Design + Build

Our experience allows us to find solutions to complex problems.

Norcon has provided renovation and project management services to many satisfied clients in the White Rock, South Surrey and Langley areas. Give us a call today, and maybe we can work with you next! We make building and renovating fun -  and ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

Norcon has developed longstanding relationships with excellent tradespeople at the pinnacle of their craft. We believe that a project is only limited by the skills of the individual workers and the quality of the materials – and we only work with the best. In order to maintain our customer-centered and fully transparent approach to every unique undertaking, we commit to a limited number of projects each year. This approach ensures that your dream project receives the timely attention to detail that it deserves.






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Certified Flooring Inspections

Norcon provides FCITS (Flooring Consultants and Inspection Training Service) certified flooring inspections to manufacturers, homeowners and anyone requiring a professional and unbiased flooring analysis. We work closely with manufacturers and have received manufacturer specific education and training to ensure a thorough understanding of various product types and manufacturing processes. Continued education plays a vital role in staying ahead of the evolution of new products, materials and installation techniques. Trust our expertise to provide accurate and thorough inspection and reporting for all flooring types. We provide a written report that includes digital photos of each issue identified during the inspection. We also offer professional concrete moisture testing as per ASTM F2170 - 16.






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When should a thermographic investigation be performed?

  • Before a change in ownership

  • Part of regular condition reporting for commercial properties (especially flat roofs)

  • Before making final payment to a contractor

  • Before warranties expire

  • Before starting a renovation project


What can a thermographic investigation identify?

Exterior Wall Issues:

  • Air leakage

  • Insulation defects

  • Improper material installation

  • Moisture within wall assemblies

  • Mold and fungi formation

Roof Issues:

  • The condition of an older roof

  • Installation errors on a newer roof BEFORE warranties expire

  • Leaks




We provide a written report that includes IR images and digital photos of each “anomaly” identified during our consultation. By request, we can mark each suspect anomaly on a roof so it can be easily assessed and/or repaired.

Our Infrared Building Surveys will uncover building envelope issues early, BEFORE the issue is identifiable in the visible spectrum. Our thermographic expertise will minimize repair costs and reduce exposure to potentially dangerous or hazardous situations.


Infrared Thermal Imaging & Analysis

Infrared building surveys are a non-destructive method for discovering and diagnosing energy inefficiencies and deficiencies within any building. The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera captures moisture and temperature differentials, revealing the source of water or condensation intrusion and the origin of mold issues in any structure.

As Certified Thermographer’s – ITC (Certified Building Investigations), we are certified under the American Standards for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT). We specialize in professional thermographic building imaging throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Anyone with an interest in a structure - ANY STRUCTURE OF ANY AGE - can benefit from our services. Thousands of dollars can be saved by identifying problems BEFORE they can be seen by the naked eye and BEFORE costly expenses and losses occur.

Our high definition infrared cameras, in the hands of our trained Thermographic Consultants, are powerful tools that can benefit YOU.